I can't fill my basket
  • What is a Cookie ?
    A cookie is an identifier placed on the hard disk of your computer which can be used to register the details of your order throughout your visit to the website, so that you can fill your basket and then validate your transaction.
    There is nothing to worry about, stickair.com guarantees optimal security and confidentiality for all of your personal data that you provide us on the website.

  • You use Internet Explorer 6
    1. When you are in the STICKAIR.COM website, at the top of the navigation window, click on "Tools" then "Internet options ".
    2. Then select the "Privacy" thumbnail by clicking on it.
    3. Now click on the "Advanced" button which is in the middle of the window which has just opened.
    4. Tick the "Override automatic cookie handling" box and "Always allow session cookies". Also check that the "First-party cookies" and "Third-party cookies" options are set to "Accept"
    5. Validate your changes and close the windows by clicking on the "Ok" button
    6. Close your navigator so that the changes can be made and reconnect to STICKAIR.COM... Everything should be working now !

  • You use Internet Explorer 5 or 5.5
    1. Launch Internet Explorer
    2. Go into the Tools menu. Select Internet Options
    3. Click on the Security thumbnail
    4. Click on Customise level
    5. Scroll down to Cookies
    6. Tick the Enable box in Allow per-session cookies (not stored)
    7. Tick the Enable box in Allow cookies that are stored on your computer
    8. Click on Ok
    9. Answer Yes
    10. Click on Ok
    11. Exit Internet Explorer
    12. Restart Internet Explorer


  • What is a FIREWALL ?
    Firewalls are usually used by companies in their IT architecture. Their role is to filter the data between computers, the IT network and the Internet connection like a firewall. It is for this reason that certain firewalls consider cookies to be an intrusion and deactivate them. In order to place your order and be able to add to basket, it is important to deactivate your firewall.
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