General terms & conditions of sale

The present general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between STICK'AIR sarl, web editor of and its customer, both parties accepting the latter without reservations. Said general terms and conditions of sale shall override all other terms and conditions of sale featured in all other documents, except by express, prior written agreement. Said general terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law. Purchasing an article from a third party country shall not in any way incur STICK'AIR sarl’s liability in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of said country.


The products sold on are adhesive markings, made to customers’ instructions, in accordance with the customisation options proposed on the website. Technical characteristics and prices are valid unless subject to typographical error

Content of the markings

STICK'AIR sarl shall not be liable for the use of delivered markings.
STICK'AIR sarl reserves the right to refuse all orders that it deems in breach of existing French legislation on the protection of the image of physical persons and legal entities. Similarly, any message or document which is pornographic in nature, or advocates drugs, or of a revisionist nature or manifestly in breach of existing French laws and regulations shall be refused by STICK'AIR sarl. If STICK'AIR sarl refuses an order on the grounds of content, it undertakes to notify the customer concerned by e-mail.
STICK'AIR sarl shall not be liable for documents entrusted to it, in the event of loss, theft or deterioration for any reason whatsoever. The purchaser, by virtue of placing an order, undertakes never to send originals and solely to send copies. STICK'AIR sarl shall try its utmost to return any documents supplied by the customer to the invoicing address.

Colour reliability

Printing produced using files supplied by the customer shall not be the object of any voluntary chromatic correction on the part of STICK'AIR sarl. Shades may vary according to printing procedure. There can be major variations of shade between what the customer sees on its computer screen or printing using its personal computer and printing using our processes. Chromatic accuracy (e.g. PANTONE© reference) cannot be guaranteed. In the event that the customer has a doubt about the chromatic result it may obtain during production of a series of prints using its own file, it shall be responsible for choosing whether or not to place a test order, e.g. for one copy. If the customer has a specific chromatic requirement, then it should not use our service. Accordingly, no complaints may be made regarding colour accuracy.

File resolution & image formats

The user acknowledges that it has been informed that the print produced using the file provided by the customer, requires a minimum level of definition (number of pixels) depending on the size of the print requested. An indication of file resolution shall be provided on placing the order. Where applicable, notice shall be given if the file does not feature the necessary resolution for optimal printing in the selected format. No complaints shall be accepted on said ground, in the event of mediocre printing quality (lack of sharpness, large pixelisation, etc.), if definition is not compatible with the format ordered.


The prices displayed on for each of the products sold by STICK'AIR sarl are net inclusive of VAT, delivery charges are indicated separately. STICK'AIR sarl reserves the right to review its prices at any point in time. Delivery costs for the service are calculated in accordance with order value, payment method and place of delivery.


The price of the products and delivery charges shall be paid on the delivery date in the event of payment on delivery. STICK'AIR sarl reserves the rights to check, using the method of its choice, the identity and truthfulness of the order. Furthermore, STICK'AIR reserves the right to refuse all orders from a customer with a dispute in progress or a doubt on the truthfulness of the order.

The customer shall be contractually responsible for all orders placed as of order acceptance by STICK'AIR sarl.


If you are placing an order for a company that is subject to VAT, your invoice will not include taxes if you provide your intracommunity VAT number when placing your order and if this number is confirmed by the tax authorities in your country.

This number is checked automatically. If you do not provide a VAT number, your invoice will include taxes. No refunds can be made at a later date.

If you are placing an order for a company or an individual without an intracommunity VAT number, your invoice will include VAT at the French rate (19.6%).


For all products shipped outside of the European Union and French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOM) prices shall automatically be calculated exclusive of VAT on the invoice. The recipient shall pay any customs duties or local taxes. The company STICK'AIR SARL may not under any circumstances be held liable for any additional costs related to said customs duties.


No customs duties are payable for products delivered in France or in the European Community. Customs duties may be payable for other countries. Customers shall be responsible for contacting the customs services in its country to make a customs declaration where applicable. STICK'AIR sarl may not under any circumstances be held liable for any additional costs associated with said customs duties.


STICK'AIR sarl shall make every attempt to deliver orders placed on the website, as soon as the order has been validated by the customer, within the indicated deadlines. Delivery shall be made to the address indicated by the customer, where the customer undertakes to receive the ordered product. The seller may not be held liable in the event that it is unable to deliver the product due to errors in name and address details.

The products shall be sent to the customer by the method chosen by the latter. Carrier costs, where applicable, shall be paid by the customer and the amount shall be indicated on the order summary. When the order is delivered, the customer must carefully check the condition of the package and express any reservations where applicable to the carrier in the event of missing items or damage. Any complaints regarding non-compliance or missing items on delivery must be made within three days, excluding bank holidays, of receiving the order. To do so, the customer must contact STICK'AIR sarl by e-mail, or mail, clearly specifying the reason for the return and the invoice number in question. STICK'AIR sarl shall then reply by e-mail, fax or mail providing a "return number" which must be marked on the outer packaging of the complete returned order. Under no circumstances may an order be returned without prior agreement from STICK'AIR sarl. The right to return solely concerns products that have not been modified or altered in any way and must be made in their original packaging.
Late delivery due to the merchandise carrier shall not entitle customers to reimbursement of carriage charges except in the case of Chronopost. In this instance STICK'AIR undertakes, on simple request, and after checking the delay, to provide the customer with a credit voucher equivalent to the cost of the carriage to be paid by the customer.
Chronopost shipments are performed using the Chrono Confort service (next day delivery before 6pm) except for Friday shipments which shall be delivered on the following Monday.


The merchandise that the customer receives is fully customised in accordance with its request. In this respect, the commercial transaction constitutes a service. Said service is performed within two to four days of order placement. For a service ordered remotely whose execution was started within 7 days with the consumer’s agreement, the right to retract shall not apply. However although the right to retract shall not apply to customised products it shall apply in the exceptional event of an error which was the fault of STICK'AIR sarl. The right to retract shall however apply to non-customised merchandise. In this case the customer shall enjoy a period of seven full days to exercise said right, without having to justify its reasons nor pay any penalties, with the exception of the costs of return. The merchandise must be sent by recorded delivery so as to provide irrefutable proof of return.


When a customer has placed and paid for an order on line via Paybox or Paypal, the latter is deemed to be firm and may not be cancelled. Exceptionally, if STICK'AIR sarl has not yet started production of the merchandise, the order may be cancelled. STICK'AIR sarl shall then proceed with the refund but withhold a one-off amount of 4.90 Euros by way of an administrative charge and to cover the commissions received by service providers involved in the transaction (Paybox, Paypal).


STICK'AIR sarl shall retain ownership of the ordered products until full, effective payment of the price. If, for any reason, the product has been delivered to the customer, and the latter has not paid, STICK'AIR sarl shall be entitled to take the product back. Notwithstanding, the customer shall remain responsible for the products as soon as they have been delivered.


STICK'AIR sarl may not be held liable for any damage of any kind, whether tangible or intangible or corporal, which may result from the inappropriate operation or incorrect use of products sold. STICK'AIR sarl’s liability shall in all circumstances be limited to the amount of the order and may not be invoked for simple errors or oversights that might have occurred in spite of all precautions taken in terms of product presentation.

Customer identification

It is mandatory to collect names and addresses for the purposes of remote selling, since said information is indispensable for processing and shipping orders, raising invoices. Failure to provide information shall result in non-validation of orders. In accordance with the French law on IT & Civil Liberty, the processing of data pertaining to the names and addresses of Stick'air customers has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL -French National Commission for IT & Civil Liberties). The customer enjoys an access and rectification right vis-a-vis STICK'AIR sarl, by writing to the following address: 31 avenue Joliot Curie ZI ST CEZAIRE 30900 NIMES, France or via the e-mail address:

Force majeure

STICK'AIR sarl may not be held liable for its delivery obligation in the event of events beyond its control. Shall in particular be deemed to be cases of force majeure, floods and fires, natural disasters, accidents, total or partial strikes, war, riots, government decisions.


French law of contract shall apply. All disputes regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of the present contract shall be brought before the competent agencies. STICK'AIR sarl nevertheless reserves the right to take legal proceedings via all other competent jurisdictions.

Head office

STICK'AIR sarl, 31 avenue Joliot Curie ZI ST CEZAIRE 30900 NIMES (FRANCE).
Telephone: +33 (0)4 66 62 32 22

Company number: 884 107 194 000 18 - Register of Commerce & Companies, Departmental Court of DIGNE LES BAINS - VAT number: FR79 400 347 993

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