Video and pdf application intructions

    To help you to apply your vinyl lettering STICKAIR offers two sets of video instructions. We recommend that you view the two methods and choose the one that suits you best. Each video comes with a printable PDF file that you can print off at home. This version features the key steps in the video and takes you through the different stages of application.

"Sticky tape" method, also known as dry application, which is very simple

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The wet method.

The wet method allows the stickers (in this case vinyl lettering) to be applied very accurately for a perfect finish.
This method is often used by (reputable) professionals and is now accessible to you.

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Points common to all types of application

  • Grease removal (e.g. using window cleaner) is highly recommended for all surfaces and all methods of application.
  • Ideally, during application, the surface must be at a temperature of approximately 15 to 20°C in particular for wet applications. Polymerisation ("sticking") is optimum after 36 hours at this temperature. If you cannot keep your surface at this temperature for this length of time, we highly recommend that you at least keep it protected from water during said period.
  • Although application should ideally be performed in good weather, we advise against applying stickers when the sun is behind you as the sun will shine directly onto the surface. This will greatly increase the formation of bubbles.
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